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Hope for those hiding from the light

Gina Hurry

Lent Day 3

There are those who rebel against the light, who are not acquainted with its ways, and do not stay in its path. In the dark they dig through houses; by day they shut themselves up; they do not know the light. For deep darkness is morning to all of them;
for they are friends with the terrors of deep darkness. Job 24:13, 16-17

Take hope from these warning verses as you consider the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He came for all who have rebelled against the light, shut themselves away from it, and have become friends with deep darkness. You can now know the Light.


Where have you found yourself shutting yourself away from the light or trapped by the terrors of deep darkness?  Are you “friends” with deep darkness or Light?


You no longer need to be afraid of the dark or the light. Because of Jesus Christ, the terrors of deep darkness are broken in your life. You can know the Light.



"Smitten" by Gil Weingarten   

"Smitten" by Gil Weingarten