InSpero's (Scary) New Year's Resolution "Disturb Us, Lord"

"Disturb Us, Lord"© painted live by Gina Hurry in response to Jenny Pruitt's song at InSpero's Creation Waits Advent Offering on November 30. Click on this vimeo link here to see and hear Jenny sing her original song based on Sir Francis Drake's poem. Video courtesy of Wayne and Kelli Franklin of Wannabe Films.

Disturb Us, Lord

Words by Sir Francis Drake, 1577
Music by Jenny Pruitt, 2014©

Disturb us, Lord

when we are too pleased with ourselves 

when our dreams come true

because we dreamed too litte

when we safely arrive

because we sailed too close to the shore

Disturb us, Lord

To dare more boldly

To venture on wider seas

where storms will show Your mastery

where losing sight of land

we shall find the stars

push wide our faith

bring us to where You are

Disturb us, Lord

Disturb us, Lord in the things we posses

we have lost our thirst for Your holiness

when in our efforts to build on earth

our hearts for heaven have dimmed

Disturb us, then

Jenny Pruitt Music © 

Disturb Us, Lord II    Wider Seas    by Gina Hurry ©

In 2015, InSpero, like Sir Frances Drake, wants to dare more boldly and to lose sight of the shore as we seek to bring beauty and hope to our city and churches through nurturing our artists and providing venues and opportunities to create together. But we need your help as we "venture on wider seas" by giving a tax-deductible donation to InSpero.

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