InSpero combines the Latin word spero, which means hope, with inspire, to be breathed into by God. InSpero also means unexpected. The sparrow in our logo reflects our belief that the “smallest of these” creative things done for the greater good is of great value. 


 What does InSpero do?

InSpero cultivates, connects, and celebrates artists and “creatives” in the Birmingham area by incubating, nurturing, and energizing them to bring beauty and hope to our city.

Who are “creatives?”

 “Creatives” are people with the curiosity, courage, and compelling to reflect God’s beauty and truth to their worlds through their professions, crafts, homes, and relationships. They include, but are not limited to, visual artists, musicians, writers, dancers, designers, actors, photographers, homemakers, hospitality givers, storytellers, filmmakers, ministers, teachers, gardeners, event planners, dreamers, and children.

InSpero was created in 2013 because we believe that beauty inspires people to hope, and hope fuels us to create a better community, often in unexpected ways.

How does InSpero do this?

Cultivating Creative Community

We offer monthly artist gatherings to stimulate creative thought and build community, and provide retreats and workshops, special speakers, and soul care for creatives.  

Connecting People to Create Together

We develop collaborative art shows, musical offerings, and conversations connecting all types of artists and creatives to the culture and city and church.

Celebrating Creativity in Our Community

Through the year we plan songwriting nights, concerts, gallery showing, readings, fireside chats and discussion, and outreach events.